I took a road trip to the Music City — Nashville — to celebrate my birthday. I went to the honky-tonks and swayed along to the live bands.

“All those wall flowers back there come on down,” the lead female singer said. “I know not all of you are country, so I’m gonna teach you how to do some line dancing.”

I did not hesitate to walk right up to the stage. Everyone in the honky-tonk followed along and attempted to pick up the singer’s steps.

“Front, front, back, back, tap, kick front, tap, kick back, and grapevine.”

I wore my cowboy boots the whole trip — they had only seen the outside of my closet once before. This was the perfect time to let them shine.

I tapped my heels along to the song, then the whole room shifted to the right together. Line dancing brought us, strangers, together for a song or two.

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