It’s 8:27 on a Tuesday night at Granville High School. The final song from the orchestra concert. All 175 students have made their way to the stage. It took many minutes, but feats of engineering, of vision, of strength, take time. As does the music they make together–in sync, the stomps and claps, the anthemic wisdom of Queen’s, “We Will Rock You.” 

And it does rock. The mirthful smiles, the recognition of the work of these students and teachers. Everyone is sharp and handsome. The ironed shirts, the pressed slacks, the flowing skirts. 

All around the country teachers are coaxing young people to find the beautiful music that connects us all. A parent watches their son play an enormous bass for the first time. A brother claps for his sister. A grandparent grips flowers tightly. We do this thing together. And this beauty, this joy, should not be a luxury. 

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