When President Joe Biden addressed the nation on March 1 in his State of the Union address, he mentioned Columbus, Ohio, between his remarks on electric cars and insulin. More specifically, the president talked about “empty acres” of land outside Columbus that will become “a field of dreams.” Here at The Reporting Project, we know these “empty acres” well. We’ve driven past the very “ground on which America’s future will be built,” the same land that has long been home to farms, businesses, and homes. It’s a township full of rural character and rich history. These fields are far from empty; they’re alive with families living in the dream homes they built in the country, and small businesses, and they’re buzzing with thousands of bees. (See our story on how even bees are affected by Intel’s arrival.)

Faith Boirard

Faith Boirard (‘25) is studying Politics and Public Affairs and Biology at Denison University. As a first year student, she has spent her time on campus writing for The Reporting Project and collecting stories here on The Hill. From North Attleboro, MA, Faith can be found on her way to a DCGA senate meeting, or giving tours on campus.