The Reporting Project is a home for the student and faculty work of the Denison University Narrative Journalism program, for citizen journalists in our neighboring communities in central and southern Ohio, and for our professional friends across the nation. It is an extension of Denison’s “Writing in Place” initiative that focuses on nonfiction writing that is about our place, the “missing middle” – its people, politics, culture, health, science and environment, and more. Our mission is to offer stories, in all media formats, that help us know the world we live in, and to provide a place for voices that might otherwise be marginalized. This is especially important in today’s media landscape, where national corporate media entities perpetuate simplistic and divisive narratives, and local media outlets dwindle or get eliminated, leaving behind dangerous news deserts.  

Join us as we elevate public discourse by promoting diverse narratives – from rural villages to Rust Belt cities – that invite empathy, understanding, and deeper investigation. Send us your original photos, observations, data, short or long-form nonfiction stories, podcasts, and short documentaries/videos  here.  Our editing board will be happy to consider them for publication.

The “Writing in Place” initiative is supported by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.