is the nonprofit news organization of the Denison University Journalism Program, covering Licking County, Ohio, and neighboring regions. We publish work by students, faculty, and community members. 

The Reporting Project focuses on nonfiction storytelling that is about our place, our part of the “missing middle” of the country – its people, politics, culture, health, science and environment, and more. Our mission is to share stories, in all media formats, that help us know the world we live in, and to provide a place for all voices to be heard. This is especially important in today’s media landscape, in which national corporate media entities sometimes perpetuate simplistic and divisive narratives, and as local outlets dwindle and leave behind dangerous news deserts.  Our work is supported, in part, by the “Writing in Place” initiative, a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. 

Join us as we inform public discourse by promoting diverse narratives – from rural villages to “Rust Belt” cities – that invite empathy, understanding, and deeper investigation. 

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Reporters: Jen Clancey, Annie Kennedy, Robert Neithart, Thu Nguyen, Isabella Pereira, Jack Wolf

Faculty Advisors: Molly Born, Beth Lossing, Alan Miller, Jack Shuler, Doug Swift