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Hello, America!

Chloe and I first arrived in America only a few weeks ago. Everything was so new, so strange to us. People in America make eye contact, they say Hi to each other, and they mean it! It took us a while, but we are finding our place in a new country.

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COVID Mask Art

Art in the Ordinary

Sarah Scheuer entered coronavirus lockdown with a sense of foreboding. The Isolation Journals threw her a lifeline. What connections could she possibly make?

Getting the Mail

Liz Anastasiadis learned a lot when her aunt was sick with cancer, then passed away in 2020. She learned how important it is for us to take care of each other, to go get the mail, even when we don’t want to.

Uncovering a Literary Treasure

A local book club re-discovers local writer Gertrude Dorsey Brown more than 100 years after her work was published. This story is the third part of a series of written and audio stories called Black Lives in Licking County, a collaboration between the NAACP of Licking County, The Reporting Project at Denison University, and the Newark Advocate.