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Hello, America!

Chloe and I first arrived in America only a few weeks ago. Everything was so new, so strange to us. People in America make eye contact, they say Hi to each other, and they mean it! It took us a while, but we are finding our place in a new country.

Walking in a Deer’s Body

After a year hunched over her computer, Sarah Hume ventured into the woods to become reacquainted with her body. What she found was a connection to the trail that grounded her in ways she could not have anticipated.

Uncovering a Literary Treasure

A local book club re-discovers local writer Gertrude Dorsey Brown more than 100 years after her work was published. This story is the third part of a series of written and audio stories called Black Lives in Licking County, a collaboration between the NAACP of Licking County, The Reporting Project at Denison University, and the Newark Advocate.