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Update on Alina Lyman’s Flight: She Makes a Decision

She could stay in her home where bombs were falling on neighboring houses, or she could escape to safety. Alina Lyman faced an agonizing decision.

Pregnant and alone, she packed a bag and boarded a train in her hometown of Dnipro, Ukraine. Her fiance, Dima Kvitka, 24, stayed behind and joined the army to fight Russian troops who invaded their country in February.

New Three Tigers Brewery Opens in Former Granville Fire Station

The restaurant landscape in Granville is changing and growing rapidly. Three Tigers Brewing Company has found a new home in what used to be Granville’s fire house. Their grand opening will take place on Friday April 1st, but those wishing to check it out sooner can visit during their soft launch hours March 29 – 31st, noon – 8pm.


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Escape from Ukraine: Friends in Columbus race to help pregnant woman leave Dnipro, a city under attack

As Russian bombs rained down near her house in Dnipro, Ukraine, on Thursday March 10th, Alina Lyman wept for her city, her safety and her unborn child. And the unthinkable decision she must make. Quickly.  “I’m kind of choosing between the worst scenarios, both really awful, because if I stay, I will die,” she said […]