Since I am focusing on sports content for The Reporting Project this semester, it’s only right that my latest “Bright Spot” be about sports, right?

On Saturday, I was among a group of about 25 full-grown men, aged 18-22, acting like boys out on Denison University’s bright green intramural fields.

We played 16-inch softball, electing two captains and drafting teams like we all did for games on the recess playgrounds about a decade ago. We sprinted around paper bases, stained our shirts diving for ground balls and swung a beat-up metal bat for the fences.

We are all college students. In that sense, we are walking on the bridge from childhood to adulthood right now. Most of us are spending good chunks of time reading scholarly articles and books for classes, applying for jobs and internships and doing dishes and laundry.

But we aren’t quite old enough to have lost touch with the innocent and overly competitive kids that still live inside of us. It was sunny and warm enough on a weekend afternoon. The grownup stuff was gonna have to wait.

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