Curled on the couch, glass in one hand, remote in the other. My roommate had the snacks in her lap as we assumed our daily position. We stared at the TV as the shutter of cameras clicked and the word ‘Scandal’ appeared across the screen. 

Scandal is my escape away from insanity, by immersing myself in more sanity and doubling down. The intense political and personal entanglements that Olivia Pope has to endure, remind me that complexity will always be a part of humanity. And I find some enjoyment in that, as insane as that sounds. 

The other thing that keeps drawing me back is that Olivia’s rash decisions always prompt the same reactions from my roommates and me. When she decides to take Fitzgerald back, she conjures up an audience of gasps from us. When she gets outsmarted by her father time after time, we collectively murmur ‘I told you so’ and shake our heads in disagreement. In these moments, we too share the complexities in Olivia’s life. 

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