Submitted by Patti and Tom Burkett

We made arrangements to watch the eclipse at a farm in Texas.

We found it on a travel site called Harvest Hosts. These local businesses welcome travelers to stay overnight with the expectation the traveler will do some shopping at their business. We’ve stayed at wineries, orchards, t-shirt shops, creameries, and museums. This particular business was billed as an apiary and yes, they did have quite a few beehives.  They were not, however, ready to sell product.

Instead, our hosts, emigrants from Turkey, invited us for a glass of wine when we arrived. Later in the evening, they delivered an extravagant Turkish meal (on paper plates).  

The day of the big event, after a tour of their farm, we sat together on their porch and driveway and enjoyed the eclipse, miraculously visible despite thick clouds that persisted both before and after.

The eclipse itself was magical, but equally so was the making of new friends.

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