Trying to come up with an idea for a documentary at home was a tricky thing.  There were so many different outlets to go though, and like always, I wanted to do the most shocking or revealing documentary. But when it came down to it, I realized the most interesting and emotional subject was right in front of me. I never really understood my dad’s dissertation, so I wanted to learn more about it, and this dog we had just brought home was the first we’d had in ten years—my dad didn’t even want Rona in the first place. The more I looked for the love between this dog and my dad, the more places I found it. It was really interesting to film the two of them while also thinking of the audience. To think like an outsider brought me to this whole new level of understanding about their relationship.

Now, when I go home, I find myself looking for their connections in different ways. My father’s dissertation is still not quite complete due to some complications with his committee, but he’s on the fast track to finishing and should be able to defend by the end of this October. As for Rona, she can now fly up the stairs with no qualms. My dad is also running instead of walking these days.  But they still find time to snuggle up on the couch for a nap before mom gets home from work.