Pops of purple and pink. Bursts of buttery yellow. And a riot of red.

The sun illuminates the beauty of a flowering tree. Credit: Alan Miller

Even as chill winds continue to fight against the arrival of a new season, spring is busting out all over.

It’s visible in the tree so filled with pink flowers that passersby can’t help but smile, even when the petals are dusted with snowflakes.

There it is in the pint-size flower pushing hard against the dark-brown leaves decaying around it.

And nowhere is it more visible on the Denison University campus than in the army of bright-red Adirondack chairs dotting the Academic Quad, calling out to weary students to relax, even for a second, to take in the beauty of spring all around them.

Alan Miller

Alan Miller teaches journalism and writes for TheReportingProject.org, the nonprofit news organization of Denison University's Journalism Program. He is the former executive editor of The Columbus Dispatch and former Regional Editor for Gannett's 21-newsroom USAToday Network Ohio.